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Alicia designs and creates one-of-a-kind, unique jewellery collections for people who love to wear and collect exceptional objects

She gained a Master’s degree from Goldsmith College of Art, London, in 1994 and spent many years working as a video artist. Alicia’s passion for digital design lead to creation of MèRIDESIGNS – a contemporary jewellery brand.


MèRIDESIGNS fuses the past and present by using cutting edge technology. Alicia skilfully blends modern jewellery making techniques with more traditional methods. She uses a vast range of different materials and produces a variety of finishes using gold, silver, stainless steel and synthetic fibre.

"It's the most beautiful piece of jewellery and contemporary art I have ever owned.’’

Irena, London

Alicia was born in Argentina and is now London-based. She creates unique digitally crafted artefacts. What began as a personal project in designing distinctive bracelets, earrings and rings blossomed into a unique modern jewellery brand that merges innovation with design.  

"After working with digital video for so many years I had the need to go back to tangible objects. My curiosity and passion to learn new digital tools got me to learn 3D design software which was a real eye-opener and led me to focus on designing contemporary jewellery and creating my collection for MèRIDESIGNS. 

I became fascinated designing my wearable objects by blending my passion of using digital tools and my need to create real objects that could be touched, worn and enjoyed by other people. And…  I love it!”

Alicia Felberbaum

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