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MèRIDESIGNS is a contemporary British jewellery brand by me -  artist and designer Alicia Felberbaum based in London UK.


I was born in Argentina but have been based in London for many years, gaining an MFA from Goldsmiths, University of London in 1994. After a long career as a video artist, I turned my passion for digital design and working with different materials into a love of creating original jewellery.


What began as a personal project for designing distinctive bracelets, earrings and rings has become a unique, modern jewellery brand. MèRIDESIGNS fuses past and present by using 3D printing technology alongside more traditional methods.

Simplicity Meets Intricacy 

I design and create one-of-a-kind jewellery that is made to order. My designs are constructed with a sculptural approach, some of which would be difficult to recreate by hand. The forms are simple, but also intricate, designed to have a close and comfortable relationship to the body. I like to make design-driven statement pieces that will be part of the wearer’s personal style for a long time. My pieces are tactile objects that stand out, but also show that you can have bold jewellery that is comfortable and feels light to wear.

20180918_164830 ONDA_Classic_bracelet.jpg

What inspires my work

My collections are built around different concepts that inspire me, including the complex geometry found in nature, and contemporary art and architecture. I’m always learning and evolving techniques and materials to keep my work fresh and innovative. Before starting a new jewellery collection, I do extensive research, studying shapes, materials and new techniques developing my own aesthetics.




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