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London-based artist and designer Alicia Felberbaum has launched MéRIDESIGNS, a jewellery brand that fuses digital jewel manufacturing technology with more traditional methods to create structurally bold and sophisticated designs that resemble sculptures. Crafted using a range of materials and textured finishes, every piece is made to order and takes two to four weeks to complete. The range includes rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings and brooches.

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Digitally crafted in London by Argentinean jewellery designer Alicia Felberbaum, the Lattice Bracelet was inspired by the cellular structures found in some leaves. Here in white nylon but also available in black. 

Alicia gained a Master’s degree from Goldsmith College of Art, London in 1994 and spent many years working as a video artist. This passion for digital design and 3D design lead to her creating MeRiDesigns in 2014.

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