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The rings are sized according to the chart below. If you're not sure about your size, it is recommended to measure with a ring sizer or visiting a friendly jeweller with calibrated Ring Sizing who will measure for you


 If you are buying a ring as a gift for someone else and you don't want them to know, borrow a ring they wear and get it measured. When placing an order for a ring, it is the responsibility of the customer to order the correct size. You want the ring to fit over your knuckle comfortably but not too easy so that it will not come off your finger when your hands are wet or your body temperature changes.


The inner diameter of a bracelet is the bracelet size. 

​The best way to work out the bracelet size you need is by visiting a friendly jeweller with calibrated Bracelet Sizing who will measure for you.  


The next best way is to measure the inner diameter of a bracelet that you already own and fits you well. The inside diameter does not include the walls of the bangle but the space inside the bracelet.

I recommend you measure its internal diameter and this will be your guide as to which size bracelet you need. The bracelets are measured by their internal diameter.

You can use a ruler and place it across the centre of the bracelet and take the internal measurement in mm as in the picture.

  • SMALL - inner diameter 57.9mm​

  • MEDIUM - inner diameter 63.7mm, fits most​

  • LARGE - inner diameter 68.4mm

I have listed a variety of sizes for the bracelets on sale in my shop, if you require a different size please email me and I will adjust the size free of charge.

bracelet_sizing_guide inner.jpg
Tis051 Ring 18K.png

Scribble Ring


Monstera Ring Silver.png

Monstera Ring


Mesh0481 Ring- narrow RG.png

Mesh Ring


Mesh0493 Ring - narrow  18K.png

Soft Ring


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