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Why not experiment with your jewellery by trying out some new trends and breaking old ones? 

Here are MèRIDESIGNS's tips to inspire how you can wear some of our favourite pieces together to enhance  your personal style of fashion.

  • One of the easiest, and most fun rules to break – mixing metals. It’s great because you can play with the pieces in your collection. Onda Classic Steel Bracelet .

  • You can play around by stacking pieces of the same colour, with different textures and finishes.


  • You can use different metal coloured rings which look great stacked together: Soft Ring and Mesh Ring.


  • Once you get more daring why not try different textures, weights and styles. The more rules you break the better


"Absolutely stunning designs. From trendy (I adore her bracelets from her Sculpture Collection!) to totally timeless pieces (her stacking rings would be a staple for anyone’s wardrobe), Alicia is a designer to be celebrated- I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!"

LATTICE 93-detail_edited.jpg
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