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Select your bespoke jewellery

Each MèRIDESIGNS piece is custom made, and you can choose the material, colour, finish and size - so that you’ll have a piece of jewellery that is made for you.

How to Complete Your Order

Complete your bespoke jewellery order using the steps below. And you can use the Size Guide to help find the right fit for rings and bracelets. 

  • Pick your style

  • Choose your size

  • Select your material

  • Place your order 

Please allow up to 3- 5 weeks for production for me to work my magic with your MèRIDESIGNS jewellery, then you can unpack and enjoy your wearable sculptures for a long time. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, items may be delayed. 


Product Care

Tailor your piece further

Buying a gift or want to make a small modification to an existing piece? Get in Touch and we can discuss how to adapt the piece within your budget.

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