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The design process varies between different projects. Sometimes I have a brief. As an example in WAVE it was to explore some of the properties in Nylon: flexibility, translucency and low weight which will allow me to create a bulky object, light and comfortable to wear it. I try to make things that I would personally like to wear or see others wearing.”


“In other occasions I have no brief and let the design grow organically. The ideas get developed during the process while I shape through  sketching, and digital modelling.” 


​"In both cases the design of a  piece starts with a sketch and each design is carefully digitally crafted. In the design process I thoughtfully consider the relationship between each piece to our body and between each other. "


"The next stage will be to order prototypes checking sizes, texture and how it fits the body, tweak for improvement, and repeat till I am satisfied with the results. Some products take a few iterations to get them right and the process to design a piece can take between three days, and in some cases can take years.”

"Working in a range of different materials from metallic plastic to sterling silver, gold plated stainless steel and polished bronze demands me to research on their properties. This knowledge enables freedom to investigate ideas and develop the concepts in my work. "

I am thrilled in exploring the aesthetic consequences of this fast evolving technology as it allow me to create objects with complex geometries that would be otherwise next to unachievable to make by hand or other traditional manufacturing methods.”

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